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Articles & Publications  Mr. Yuji Tsutumi

2015/10“Myanmar Labor Guide book, October 2015”, JETRO

2015/10 “Business in Myanmar: Myanmar Labour Law Perfect Guidebook”, Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

2015/07~now Article “Laws related to business expansion into Myanmar”, The Daily NNA serialization Myanmar version, every Tuesday

2014/07~2015/6 appearing Article “Dawn of labor low in Myanmar”, The Daily NNA serialization Myanmar version, the second and fourth Tuesday of every month

2015/03 Article “Compliance of the developing countries in the front line: Myanmar/The risk in the Labor Law and the Anti-Corruption Law’”, Jurist, the March 1, 2015 issue

2014/06 Article “Overview of Myanmar’s Special Economic Zone Law”, Mizuho Global News, 2014 JUL&AUG vol.74 / pgs.20-21

2014/06 Investigation Report ”Investigation Report on Legislative System in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (2013edition)”, Ministry of Justice (Coauthor)

2014/06 Article “Protection of Trade Name in Asian Countries (Vol.2)”, Intellectual Property Management, June 2014 issue, pgs. 814-828 (Coauthor)

2014/02 Article “Corporate Law in Myanmar (Vol. 3)”, MIZUHO Global InfoStation (Website), February 26 , 2014 issue

2014/02 Article “Legal Systems in Various Asian Countries Related to Debt-Collection”, Financial Law Journal, February 10, 2014 issue, pgs. 6-91 (Coauthor)

2014/01 Article “Corporate Law in Myanmar (Vol. 2)”, MIZUHO Global InfoStation (Website), January 29, 2014 issue

2014/01 Article “Corporate Law in Myanmar (Vol. 1)”, MIZUHO Global InfoStation (Website), January 15, 2014 issue

2013/12 Book “Legal, Accounting, and Tax Practice of Myanmar Business”, Chuokeizai-Sha Inc. (Coauthor)

2013/11 Article “Anti-corruption regulations in Myanmar”, Journal of The Japanese Institute of International Business Law, November 15, 2013 issue, pgs.1597-1601 (Coauthor)

2013/11 Article “Anti Corruption Law in Myanmar”, MIZUHO Global InfoStation (Website), November 7, 2013 issue

2013/11 Book “Myanmar Business Guidebook (2012-2013)”, Parts are Chapter 3: Incorporation of Company, Chapter 5: Human Resource and Labor Condition, Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Yangon and JETRO (Yangon Office), November 7, 2013 issue (Coauthor)

2013/10 Article “Foreign Investment Law in Myanmar (Part Two)”, MIZUHO Global InfoStation (Website)

2013/10 Article “Foreign Investment Law in Myanmar (Part One)”, MIZUHO Global InfoStation (Website)

2013/08 Article “Explanation on Myanmar Business Legal Practice (Labor Law): Four Major Laws relating to Labor Matters Have Been Enacted in Two Years after the Democratization in March 2011.”, The Lawyers, August 2013 issue, p.98-101 (Coauthor)

2013/07 Article “Form of Justice: Judicial Branch and Law Firms in Countries around the World (Vol.67): Courts in Myanmar”, Jiyu to Seigi, the July 2013

2013/05 Article “Overseas Legal Practice News: From Myanmar ‘Outline of Labor Law in Myanmar and Legal Updates’”, Jurist, the June 1, 2013 (Coauthor)

2013/04 Article “Overseas Legal Practice News: From Myanmar ‘Latest Explanation on the Foreign Investment Rules in Myanmar’” , Jurist, the May 1, 2013 issue (Coauthor)

2013/03 Article “Oversea Legal Practice News: From Myanmar ‘Summary of Foreign Investment Law in Myanmar’”, Jurist, the April 1, 2013 issue (Coauthor)

2013/03 Book “Points Revised in 2012 and Practical Steps to be Taken for the Labor Contract Act, the Law Concerning Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons, and the Worker Dispatch Law,” Daini Tokyo Bar Association (Coauthor)

2012/06 Article “The Corporate Governance in Foreign Countries -Russia-,” Gekkan Kansayaku, 2012.7 (Vol.601) (Coauthor)

2012/02 Book “New Leal Consultation Guide Book of Labor Case,” Daini Tokyo Bar Association”, Daini Tokyo Bar Association (Coauthor)

Articles & Publications  Mr. Takahisa Nagata

“Latest Precedent and Practice Related to Trademark Rights”, Minjiho-kenkyukai (Coauthor)

“Patent Law from Viewpoint of Case Example”, Hogaku-shoin (Coauthor)
“Copyright Problems in the Modern World, the 12th installment”, Chizai-prism vol.11 No.127

“Analysis of Judgement of Suit for Cancelling Trial Decision ~Practice of Intellectual Property High Court from Viewpoint of Case Example~”, NBL Additional volume No.148, issued in March 2015, Osaka Bar Association Intellectual Property Law Practice Study Group, Shojihomu Co., Ltd. (Coauthor)

“Intellectual Property Management”, the May 2015 issue
“Case Law and Practice” No.446

“Evaluation Criteria for Misleading in Quality Indication” (Coauthor)